02.2002r. Świnoujście

Theatre of Dreams is being brought to life.

Work on basic World of Warcraft functions has begun

2005r. - Olkusz

Theatre of Dreams moves to Olkusz. Servers development continues- repairs of quests and skills.


The end of Classic WoW era.

Beginning of Burning Crusade expansion.


Beginning of Wrath of Lich King expansion.


Opening of Vault of Archavon


Opening of the Wintergrasp


Opening of The Eye of Eternity and The Violet Hold


Couple of days later the Isle of Conquest is being opened


Long anticipated moment has come- we make haste to conquer Ulduar.

Introduction of first 7 bosses of Ulduar.


Introduction of Algalon the Observer and Yogg-Saron.


Opening of the Trial of the Crusader.


Opening of the Icecrown Citadel!

Introduction of first 4 bosses, others will be opened consecutively in weeks to come.


Icecrown Citadel’s upper levels are available..

Lich King available on normal and heroic difficulty.


Theatre of Dreams has been moved to dedicated hosting.


The tale you are reading is just a small thread of eternal canvas. For Theatre of Dreams’ community it is full of joyful memories and longtime friendships.

A decade-long journey of Theatre of Dreams (ToD) started in a coastal city of 44 islands. It was a very modest project at the beginning, with only basic World of Warcraft functions. It was a time in which our beloved game was earning more and more interest around the world and first private servers projects' started to emerge, ToD being one of them.

It gave us joy from the very beginning to be able to see this extend vast virtual world even though some characters’ models were missing and there was almost no possibility of interaction, not to mention any more complicated features. Regardless a rather shy start our server started to develop really rapidly to become professionally led project after only a couple of months. Already it was being managed by a small group of developers and stood proudly on our own hardware. The first wave of emigration and multiple organisational problems regarding server’s locum resulted in moving the server to another place.


The next chapter of our tale begins at foothills, in a city of valuable ores of silver and lead. Here we have continued the work of our predecessors. Thanks to well-developed polish IRC network the commitment in our project has gone global. It was a time of highly scripted content, properly working quests and continually repairs on characters’ skills. The era of Classic WoW has come to an end.

ToD has made another big step and entered The Burning Crusade expansion. Hard work of highly organised group of devs and GMs resulted in community’s flourishing and many affirmative opinions regarding ToD’s new content. Thanks to tremendous support from our players we have acquired a brand new hi-tech server hardware which resulted in growing comfort and joy drawn out of the game for our players. After many hard clashes fought in walls of Sunwell Plateau, the archenemy Kil’jaeden has been defeated and thus ToD’s course towards next expansion was set.


The era of Wrath of the Lich King has begun and with it we’ve experienced many immense inter-fraction clashes, new battlegrounds and constantly developing pve content which always gave us the thrills associated with first kills. Thanks to support from our players we’ve been able to upgrade servers hardware once again so it could serve us for many years to come.

It wasn’t until recently that ToD has been moved to dedicated hosting which gave us much needed reliability and safety. As you can see we are running a server with long history of stability, which had fought through many obstacles and population slides with success- you don’t need to worry for your characters’ sudden disappearance. Theatre of Dreams has been our passion for many years now.

Currently we have started working on Mists of Pandaria Expansion so please be patient and we will be able to enjoy our adventure among the mists together. And now that the story’s about to take another turn... Come on, gather your friends and start the adventure on Theatre of Dreams.

You write our story...